High Kicks Taekwon Do

Welcome to High Kicks Taekwon Do website. High Kicks is Rochester's premier training studio. Get fit and make new friends. You'll be sure to have fun learning an intense combination of self-defense techniques, traditional Korean Forms (Tul), sparring, and physical fitness training. No previous martial arts experience is necessary. Ages 6 and up are welcome



(No registration fee. First two weeks are free--$20 off first month of tuition)

  • One person: $90
  • Family of Two: $140
  • Family of Three: $155
  • Family of Four: $185
  • Family of Five: $200
  • Family of Six: $225
  • Senior Rates (55 yrs. old +) $70.00
  • Little Dragons$50
  • These new rates are effective January 2nd 2017

Training includes: Patterns, Techniques, Self-Defense , Sparring,  Light Cardio, Aerobics, Strength Training, Board Breaking and Stretching, ( Dynamic, Isolated, & PNF).

Uniforms: $35 each with High Kicks Logo on back of uniform .

Payment Options: Cash ,Check payable to High Kicks Taekwon - Do .
Pay month-to-month. Stop and restart at any time.

High Kicks Dojang

High Kicks Dojang