High Kicks Taekwon Do

Welcome to High Kicks Taekwon Do website. High Kicks is Rochester's premier training studio. Get fit and make new friends. You'll be sure to have fun learning an intense combination of self-defense techniques, traditional Korean Forms (Tul), sparring, and physical fitness training. No previous martial arts experience is necessary. Ages 6 and up are welcome


  1. Students should be dressed in proper attire, as well as being clean, neat, and well-groomed

  2. Do not wear jewelry while training

  3. Upon entering the Do Jang, bow to the flags to pay respect

  4. Always demonstrate self-discipline while training. Loud talking, laughing at others, making fun of anyone, or laying down are strictly prohibited.

  5. Hats, gum, sun glasses, and shoes ARE NOT allowed in the Do Jang. Head bands are acceptable.

  6. While observing class, you must respect the students who are training.

  7. Show proper respect to the high ranking students (as signified by their color belts), bow, and also show respect towards each other.

  8. No drugs or smoking allowed. Members are encouraged to quit.

  9. Free sparring and board breaking are allowed only under the supervision of an instructor.

  10. Taekwon Do is used only as a means of self-defense

  11. Training equipment, such as head gear, hand pads, foot pads, mouth guards, groin protectors, and uniforms must be approved by Mr. Arkerson (founder and chief instructor).

  12. All students will show proper respect to any and all Black Belts, Including Instructors.

  13. Students are not allowed to have their cell phones in class while training.

  14. All students will be required to have their fingernails and toenails trimmed prior to taking class. You will not be able to take class unless they are.

  15. All sparring is to be light or no contact with no facial contact. Proper equipment is required to be worn when sparring.

  16. Sparring training classes are mandatory for promotional testing Advanced White and above.

  17. It is required to address all instructors as Sir, or Ma'am.