High Kicks Taekwon Do

Welcome to High Kicks Taekwon Do website. High Kicks is Rochester's premier training studio. Get fit and make new friends. You'll be sure to have fun learning an intense combination of self-defense techniques, traditional Korean Forms (Tul), sparring, and physical fitness training. No previous martial arts experience is necessary. Ages 6 and up are welcome

Black Belt Testing at the old school

Black Belt Testing at the old school


The reason I like to do TKD is because I will learn how to defend myself. It will help me to get exercise and have a fun time doing it. Everything that I learn will hopefully help me when I need it the most. I am glad that I am doing TKD........  Alicia.

    I like TKD because they teach us patterns, self defense, and  sparring combinations.  They teach us to be strong and fearless.........Conor.

    I like TKD because it teaches me self defense. I also like the exercise and sparring. I love TKD....Katherine.

    When I first started going to High Kicks Taekwon-Do, I really didn't know what I would gain from it, besides self defense. But within the last year, due to the exercise of it alone, I am in the best shape I have been in, in a while. I have also gained a sense of pride and accomplishment for myself. Either way, I look at it , it is time well spent..........Anthony.