High Kicks Taekwon Do

Welcome to High Kicks Taekwon Do website. High Kicks is Rochester's premier training studio. Get fit and make new friends. You'll be sure to have fun learning an intense combination of self-defense techniques, traditional Korean Forms (Tul), sparring, and physical fitness training. No previous martial arts experience is necessary. Ages 6 and up are welcome


  1. Your instructor will decide whether you are ready for a promotional test.
  2. Applicable fees will apply and be collected before or at the time of the promotional test.
  3. Between Blue and Black Belt , you can participate in a teaching program. Please ask your instructor for details.
  4. All students, including Black Belts who are participating in demonstrations, tournaments, newspapers, and magazines, must have prior permission from their instructor.
  5. Participation in demonstrations and tournaments are optional.


The number of required classes listed below does not mean the student will test at this time. It is the required number of classes  to be considered for promotionaltesting. At this time, all students will be given a pre - test , then it will be decided if you are ready to test. Also it is required of all  colored belts to remain a minimum of 3 months at each rank except for the rank of White Belt and Advanced Red Belt.




        Colored Belt Promotion : Requirement of 16 classes between White and Advanced White Belt

        Colored Belt Promotion :  Requirement of 48 classes for each rank between Advanced White and Advanced Green Belt.

        Colored Belt Promotion :  Requirement of 60 classes for each rank between Advanced Green and Advanced Red Belt.

        Black Belt 1st Degree Promotion :  Requirement of  100classes between Advanced Red Belt and 1st Degree Black Belt Promotional Test.

  • Black Belt First Degree : 3 - 4 years
  • Black Belt Second Degree: 2 years
  • Black Belt Third Degree: 3 years
  • Black Belt Fourth Degree: 4 years
  • Fifth Degree Black Belt through 9th Degree: Add number of years per belt number

A Black Belt is a White Belt who never quit..........unknown.